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Jumat, 04 Juli 2014

A Prayer for Him

I thank You for everything that You’ve done in my life.
I feel be loved and blessed by the people that You’ve put around me,
so I want to love and bless them to.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Now I want to pray for him.
I pray for a man who will be my journey-mate.

A man who wants to share everything with me
A man who always trusts me in every condition
A man who always makes me feel better
A man who loves me just the way I am

I don’t need someone who has a perfect appearance,
but I need someone who accepts himself and myself just the way we are

But the most important is...
I desire to have a man who really loves You, Jesus.
I pray that he puts You as the center of his life
I pray that he puts me after You in his priority
I pray that he has Spirit’s fruit in his life
So he will be a man who is being a blessing for the others

Sometimes I want to pray with him,
in a same time and a same place.
Close our eyes, and start for praying each other.

Lord, I want to pray with him,
when we are still in a struggling time,
when we are still keep praying for each other

Dear My Almighty God,
I desire to have a journey-mate who keeps his devotion-time,
although he has a busy day.
I desire to have a quality time with You and him,
when we learn about You together everyday.

I pray for him,
please teach him how to keep his purity.
So we will be united in a pure marriage.

I also pray for our children, and for our next generation
Let us being a trend-setter for them,
to show them about Your love, and share it with them.
So they will have a wonderful relationship with You,
and they will be a blessing for the others, too.

Please make my heart just like Yours
A heart which accepts him, just the way he is
A heart which loves him with unconditional love,
just like what You’ve taught to me

Teach me to keep forgiving him,
although he has hurt my heart.
Teach me to love him not by my love,
but by Yours

Please teach me too, O Lord,
how to keep my purity.
Let me keep it not because only for him,
but because I keep it for You, my Heavenly groom.

Maybe there’ll be a moment when I can’t keep my patient with his attitude
Maybe there’ll be a moment when he can’t understand with my words.
So, we need Your love to be our relationship’s foundation
Because Your love is stronger than our love,
to through the relationship in every moment.

I want to lift my head, and see him beside me.
I want to see his smile when he is glad because I’m beside him
Please make me an amazing grace for him,
so we can grow our love everyday, step by step,
based on Your unconditional and unending love

I want to meet him one day,
when You say that “It’s the best time for you to see and know him.”,
to know each other,
and realize that You’re the most beautiful love-story writer,
more beautiful than the other love story’s script writer.

I trust that You’ll provide and give him on the right time.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, and my love-story’s writer.


-inspired by Grace Suryani’s prayer for her journey mate, ‘The Prayer’-

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