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Hi! o^^o

Hi! :) Let me introduce myself.
On my 1st birthday :)
So cute, isn't it? Lol :p

Name: Tabita Davinia Utomo

Nickname: Tabita, Vinia, Phinia (church friends), Mbak Tabita (my junior at SHS), Kak Tabita (my junior at uni life), Ci Vinia, Ci Tabita, Tabi (but I ain't Teletubbies' cake ya! :p), Mamah (my spiritual daughters)

I'm still continuing my college life at Special Region of Yogyakarta :)

I love writing, listening to music, drawing, sleeping (lol!), taking photographs, travelling, and reading :D

I wanna be a kids-and-teen psychologist, counselor, writer, an amazing wife, a wonderful mom, a blessing spiritual mom, etc *ups! Sorry if they're too imaginative. But that's what I've dreamt since I took Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord :)*. But the most important is.. I wanna be a completely committed follower of Christ! Yes, not a fan! :D

Well, I think it's enough to be my intro heuehehe. So, have a blessed blog-walking (don't forget to put your comments here, so I can know that there are readers who visit my blog. Ehehe :p). Gott segnt dich! :)

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