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Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

God has Breathed Me

annyeoong!! ^^

tadi, waktu Solus maju di malam pujian, mereka *dasar aku yang nggak ikut nyanyi :P* nyanyi 'God has Breathed Me'.

lagunya bagus banget. aku udah download liriknya, tapi nggak download lagunya *dasar nggak ada lagunya di mana - mana -__-*

yaa.. jadilah aku mau nulis liriknya di post ini. semoga bermanfaat. dan, eh.. kalau semisal kalian punya lagunya, tolong kasih tahu link-nya download ya. wkwkwk~ thank you!

God has breathed me, through all of my life.
Oh You are my God, You're Jesus my Lord, Holy Spirit too.
You have guarded me until what I am.
My daddy, my dear. My mother, my love. Forever

Cause your love to me, and Your gratefulness
You created me with wonderful love and faithfulness.
Please accept me Lord, as the child of God,
come into my life and use me as Your blessed child.

It is now the time we will all rejoice.
My destiny life I hand it to Thee in Your lovely care.
All the family all those dear to me.
Exalted we'll be we trust Him and praise to worship.

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