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Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

:D New Class, New School

Okay! Let start the new day with SMAGA's X-6 (2012/2013)! ^^ wkwkwk~

The first day (July 2nd, 2012)

I feel glad since I knew that there's my JHS' friend in my class (okay, she's only :x). Then, I knew that there are many different between my classmates and I. Different hometown, different culture, different original school, and the others. Aaa~

But, just remember this quote:

"Difference will be the world more colorful :)"

By the way, I love my classmates :D Hahaha~ They're really make me know about difference. I remember when my mom said,

"In public school, you'll meet a little world :D You see? In the world, there're many cultures, many religions, many habits, and the others."

Ha! And I know that she's right :)

O-jaa~ I know that God has a plan for me in this school :) And I know that I should do my best in this school.

The 25th day (July 27, 2012)

Since July 2nd, 2012... Well, I've got many experiences from my class - especially. I learned how to be a secretary (y), I learned how to have a big tolerantion when some of my friends have to fasting, I learned how to receive these difference, etc XD

By the way, for a moment I still forget some of my classmates' name XD (duh). Hahaha~ Sorry, guys ^^

1 family of X-6!!

Adam - Albert - Alin - Arretha
Bagas - Debbi - Denis - Arti
Enrico - Lala - Gaby - Hilda
Nuel - Nia - Pin" - Risma
Lia - Iqbal - Fina - Natasha
Cindy - Nurul - Rachmi - Royce
Icha - Tabita - Hamon - Tatas
Victor - Onny - Zipora

X-6's advisor: Ms. Maryam! ^^

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