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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

'Hello' from Magelang :) -part 2-

Nahh, as I've told before, I'll post the pictures from Magelang :D yayy~

Want to enjoy this hotel? wkwkwk~

Salt and Pepper :) Completing each other ^^

Sunflower! :D

Dinner's Desert .__. So delicious!

Watermelon? Ehmm..

Nyam! -u-"

My desert :D haha!

Two birds :)

One lotus ^^

Wow :D Lotus again!

White lotus ^^

My breakfast yesterday *28.12.2012* :9

Waffle :9

Salad! :D

Fish :) Many fishy XD

Cereal :O

Salad bar :9

I searched this lotus with my cousin. Ehmm~

One, Two, Three!

Close up

Sunflowers :D Oya, I searched these flowers
with my cousin, too :D

Good morning, Magelang!

Red flower :)

Bench -u-" hahaha~

See ya on the next time :D

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