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Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

'Hello' from Magelang :) -part 1-

Back again with me :D

And now.. I want to show some of my pictures at Puri Asri, Magelang, Central Java.

Well.. I love these landscapes :) They're so beautiful :D And, this hotel has a nice sense of cullinary :9 Their cooks can cook very well! Their foods so delicious! :9 ehmm.. yummy :D

And I get some photographs of them :) have a look!

PS: I didn't edit them XD They're natural! :)

If I can eat all of these cakes :9 They're so delicious!
-Dec. 26th, 2012, night-

My 'Welcome Drink'. yesterday, with its cakes :) Yummy!

Christmas Corner :)

The lamp ^^ beautiful!

Salad! By me XD

O, Christmas Tree!

The lamp *again* :)

My breakfast today = porridge + sausage + potatoes

My next breakfast XD cereal + orange juice :D haha~

5 musicians :) *by the way, they made me
remembered about my music team this month

Lotus! ^^

Palm trees :3 Amazing :D

Hm, rocks XD I'll edit them to be a background of
Holy Words :)

Good afternoon, Magelang! :D

PSS: I'm sure that I'll add some photographs again XD so, just waiting for them ya! :D Gomawo ^^

By the way, I was inspired by my cousin, who's post her photographs at her blog :D haha!

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