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Jumat, 12 September 2014

20 Facts about Me

Some of my friends have written their ’20 Facts of Me’ on Instagram (or something like that). And I wanna make mine *although there’s no one who challenging me) :p haha. So... here they are, the 20 facts of me! :)

1. Saved by God’s amazing grace

2 Accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Lord since 3 years ago

3. A princess of Heavenly King

4. Not Christ’s fan, but His follower

5. A 17 y.o. teenager of my family

6. The eldest sister for my younger sister and brother

7. A 12th student of 3 Senior High School, at Batik’s City (lol)

8. An alumni of Kalam Kudus Junior High School *at the same city :p*

9. Blue lover!

10. Love writing article, story, something like that. Now I’m otw to write my first book about single life. Will it be published? We’ll see..  :)

11. RemPemCo’s part yeee

12. Love listening to music, especially praise and worship’s

13. Love pizza, burger, pasta, porridge, rice, steak, chicken, beef, shrimp, err... too much food lah :9

14. Bookworm *lol

15. Wanna be a kids-teenager phsycologist, writer, an unveiled wife, a wonderful mom

16. Plushie lover :$

17. Love Hello Kitty, but I’m not its mania :p

18. Sometimes singing when doing something haha

19. Doesn’t love invertebrate animals, reptilian -.-

20. Trust God as my love story’s writer, because His script is the best for mine :) I pray, it’ll be a blessing for others

That’s all. And how about you? :)

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