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Kamis, 01 September 2011

My Life as Student @ KKJHS *7A-8A-9A*

-It's my first time that I have and know about my friends deeply...-

Well... when I was at the first time on Kalam Kudus Junior High School (KKJHS), I think I'll get class B of grade 7th.

But, I really surprised when my friend said if I get class A! Wow! I really can't believe it >.< I think it's dream...

I think about my first teacher on grade 6th. Well... on 12th October 2008, he was called by God. Oh, noo... It was really a bad day. I knew it when my friend called my home on that night. My friend said, the teacher died, because a complication with his body. That Maths teacher died in the morning, but I knew this news in the night.
The next morning, 13th October 2008, I and my friends (especially my classmate) went to his home. There were many of mourners. When clock showed 11 a.m, we went to the Bonoloyo Funeral. After we buried him, we went back home.


Class 7A. My first class on the Junior High School. Wow! I really happy! ^o^
But everything going to very bad when they began to be away from me... ><

Huaaa... I really upset! Why I must became a friend for my classmates those are shunned?! It's really not fair! zzz...
Then, I prayed to God. I want He become to be my real friend, that never want to go from me. *thx God!*

A few months later. And now, I back to my reality world. I can share my experiences to my best friends at school and the church. Then... My friends that never been away began to approached me again. Wow! That's a big miracle in my life. I really want to say THANK YOU to God. Because He, now I back to my friends again ^^

But... I have a friend that always make me have bad temperated. Huh... I really hate her! But, I can't always hate her. Because, she always follows me, wherever I go. Huaaa.. >< I really can't forgive her!

-God, help me to forgive her-

Well.. that's my life as student of 7a-8a-9a KKJHS. There're many things that we've done together. I love them so much. :*

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