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Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Hero of May 9th

From Ci Cella
I’ve never been so shame and sad just like what I feel right now.

Today I cry for this country, for it has been (on its way) lost their righteousness and justice.
Today I cry for the government system, for being so awful and said, “He is wrong!” and now made him as  a prisoner. Not only for him, but for all of the right people who had been made as prisoners because they stood in truth.
Today I cry because the wrong people laugh because they think they’ve conquered the right ones.

This doesn’t make sense.

I only can ask WHY? Why God let the judges said that he is wrong, even he still does the right things—though some of the people said he is wrong, due to the past moment?

But He is silent. He doesn’t say anything.

I argue him, “Why are You quiet? Don’t You care that Your people and their family struggle because they stand in faith? Don’t You care that Your people has been punished because their (especially his) (doesn’t-make-sense) mistake (please search it. I can’t explain it here)?”

And He said,
“My plans aren’t finished yet. I still love your nation and its people. Keep waiting for My time. For My plans are better than yours.”

O, He is not silent! He still works for this country! Though we can’t see His plans, but we must TRUST HIM.

People can give an impact for the future, but God determines it
(Pdt. Irwan Pranoto, May 6th, 2017)

Dear Mr. Ahok, thank you for being our rolemodel to keep stand in firm. Thank you for opening our eyes that good people still exist here.
Dear Ms. Veronica, you’re a strong Godly woman! I know you and your family can through this situation. You’re one of my rolemodel as a Godly woman for my (future) husband
Dear Sean, Tania, and Daud, please don’t hate this country. Keep praying for those who judge your father. My heart are belong for you too, brothers and sister.

Dear all of right people, whoever you are. Thank you for standing in righteousness and justice. It's not an easy thing to do. But you have showed the world (and the nation) that the truth and the justice must be shown.

May the strength and love from God will always in your heart.

Much love from Sleman, May 9th, 2017
17.11 (after Religion and Spirituality Psychology class)

Keep praying and doing good deeds, even the people judge you.

Let the weak in me say I am strong
You’re my refuge and my song
I will trust in You for all my days
Let my fears and doubts be cast away
You’re my strength I will not fear
Jesus I will call upon Your name
You are my hiding place
(You Are My Hiding Place - JPCC Worship)

Inspired from (Btw, waktu baca bagian buat Sean sama dua adeknya, rasanya pengen nangis :” #sigh)

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